January 2019 Newsletter

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We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and you are looking forward to a productive season ahead. The Marshalls January catalogue may well have arrived with you and this season we are excited to introduce to you new varieties of hot chilli Moruga Red and gherkin Partner which you can grow indoors or outside to suit.

We also highlight indoor and outdoor gardening and growing jobs whatever the weather to get harvests sooner and performing at their best.

Enjoy a great start to the year,


The Marshalls team


Jobs to do

January 2019 MarshNews Article 1Smart thinking for seeds

Enjoy harvests up to three weeks earlier by sowing seeds early in the year. Now is the time to get out your seed trays, modules, seed compost and labels. Sow cauliflowers, spinach, salad onions and lettuce and allow to germinate indoors in a sunny, cool and dry position.

Propagators are great-value and make a perfect kit for sowing seeds early. Use new Gro-Sure Seed Start for 25% better germination and establishment.




January 2019 MarshNews Article 2Wash and go!

Treat your pruning cuts to a dose of winter wash and Prune & Seal. Diseases can be at a high at this time of year. Winter Wash keeps prune cuts clean when exposed to the elements. Prune & Seal keeps external diseases and spores out so they can’t enter plants where the prune cuts are.




January 2019 MarshNews Article 3Potato prep

Egg boxes are the perfect houses for placing small seed potatoes in, before you plant them out in March. When you chit potatoes you encourage the stems to be thick and robust. You do this by placing seed potatoes in a light and cool spot like a west-facing window sill in an unheated porch.




Jan 2019 Newsletter Article 4Roots and runners

Plant dormant strawberry runners this month to settle the in the soil and let the roots establish in the soil over the rest of winter. In spring the roots are strong enough to put lots of stems for successful flowers and fruit.




Top crops to plant and sow now

Jan 2019 Newsletter Top CropBring on the brassicas

Grow your own greens, the brassicas by planting our Extra Early Brassicas. You plant in March for harvests all through the following winter and then once again the summer after. With AGM varieties and F1 varieties and thriving in full and part sun.

Includes 16x plants each of:

Broccoli Marathon

This calabrese produces medium size, uniform, dense heads of bluish-green 'beads' on sturdy plants.

Cauliflower Maybach

Plants are vigorous and produce delicious, tender, medium to large heads which are pure-white with no pinking.

Brussels sprout Clodius

Dependable solid, round sprouts ready in time for the Christmas period and continuing for the remainder of winter.



Recipe – Cheesy cauli and sprouts

July Newsletter RecipeIngredients

170g white breadcrumbs
1 tbsp flat parsley
2 tsp olive oil
170g finely parmesan cheese
½ cauliflower head
10-15  Brussels sprouts
50g butter
40g plain flour
700ml milk
¼ tsp ground nutmeg

Salt and pepper to taste



  • Mix breadcrumbs, parsley, oil and a tablespoon of cheese in a bowl.
  • Microwave until tender the cauliflower and sprouts. Place in an ovenproof dish.
  • Melt butter in a pan then add flour to a paste. Gradually add milk and stir in until you form a thick sauce.
  • Add nutmeg and the rest of the cheese. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Spoon the sauce over the broccoli and sprouts. Add breadcrumb mixture over the sauce. Place and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until crumbs are golden.


Jan 2019 Newsletter DiseasesWatch out for pests and diseases

This fungus-causing disease affects seedling just when they are getting going. Once affected the seedlings collapse and become rotten. This is really demoralising especially when you are sowing seeds for the first time.

Avoid damping off by providing conditions for healthy seedlings. This includes having excellent air circulation around the seed and a medium density. If seedlings grow too near to each other they create humidity which encourages damping off.

For this reason sow thinly, or in separate modules as well as provide air vents if growing in propagators or covering seed tray with polythene bags.


Breaking news

Marshalls bulb donations

Jan 2019 Newsletter News 1Marshalls has been busy giving local primary schools, residential homes and conservation trusts lots of spring and summer-flowering bulbs. We’re really keen on educating children with plants and flowers and giving vulnerable members of the public colour and joy from flowers.

We are back in spring to see how the bulbs look in full flower and interview those recipients on how they feel to see lots of colour.



Jan 2019 Newsletter News 3Marshalls catalogue now out

Your new Marshalls catalogue is landing on your doorstep now. Showcasing great offers like free potato fertiliser with potato orders, free delivery on selected composts and strawberry Marshmelts for £1.99 when you spend £25 and over.

With detailed introductory growing guide, hints and tips for allotment preparation in January and February and the best advice on sowing seeds now for earlier harvests.

Order your catalogue here



Jan 2019 Newsletter News 2Carrot Charisma- Be in with a chance of winning up to £75 by growing and showing

The new carrot on the block and the Grow & Show variety for 2019. With every order of carrot Charisma you’ll get full details of how to enter the competition for your chance of winning £75 and visiting a show for exhibiting.

Charisma is a late maincrop carrot with a large shoulder, resistant to greening, and attractive triangular root. Great for growing in pots. 300 seeds in every packet.