Invest in a Water Butt

Water ButtIt seems such a waste for all that lovely rain water to pour off our roofs and be lost in the ground, especially if there's a hosepipe ban!

A good water butt can make all the difference to our gardens during times of drought. Any building that has a gutter can be fitted with a water butt whether it’s a garage, Greenhouse or even a garden shed, they are so simple to install and it’s amazing how quickly they will fill up.

So be prepared this summer don’t lose your precious plants to a hosepipe ban - install your water butt before it kicks in!

There are other ways you can help your garden during periods of drought, adding Water Retaining Gel to the compost for all your Hanging Baskets and Containers, putting a saucer under patio containers which prevents excess water running away saves water and time.

Add a mulch such as fine gravel, to the surface of Containers and Hanging Baskets after planting to trap moisture and help prevent evaporation.

Use the ‘grey water’ from your bath and kitchen to water your plants. After planting in your veg garden and borders mulch the soil with a thick layer of compost to help retain moisture and prevent evaporation or plant through Weed Control Matting which helps moisture retention as well as keeping down the weeds. Adding lots of organic matter to the soil when planting improves the soil's structure helping to retain moisture.