How to use Organic Extra

Organic Extra is a concentrated organic manure that will provide the nutrients your plants need – all org extra manover the garden, and allows you to feed your garden naturally. It is not a factory produced fertiliser nor a substitute for farmyard manure. Have no fears about the effect of chemical fertilisers on your garden as Organic Extra gives you the opportunity to use a 100% natural manure.

Organic Extra can be used with confidence on lawns, vegetables, bulbs, pot plants, soft fruits, perennials, trees, shrubs, roses, hedges and top fruits, and is also safe to use with shrubs and plants that are lime haters.

Easy-to-handle Organic Extra is safe for use everywhere in the garden because it is 100% organic and therefore rich in humus. Humus is vital to healthy growth as it aerates and improves the structure of your soil. Organic Extra works for you in two ways: to the immediate benefit of your plants and in its lasting effect of soil enrichment.

Organic Extra is thoroughly and naturally composted, which is shredded to produce a well textured, granular manure that is a pleasure to work with. Use the medium to prepare the ground and as a top dressing during the growing season. It is practically impossible to use too much of Organic Extra, however, please use the application notes below as a rough guide.


General use

Apply Organic Extra according to the quality of your soil, 3-6 handfuls per square yard/metre to be lightly forked or raked into the topsoil.

Flowers and Bedding Plants

Before planting out annuals and bedding plants fork in 3-6 handfuls per square yard. Top dress perennials with 2-4 handfuls per square in early spring and autumn.

Rosesorg extra man 1

Dig in about 4 handfuls under new bushes and spread 2 or 3 handfuls around each bush in early spring and again when buds are beginning to appear.


Spread about 3-6 handfuls per square yard in the spring and once or twice again during the growing season. Water in well during dry weather.


Fork in 6-8 handfuls per square yard before planting brussels, cabbage, lettuce, onions, carrots and other vegetables. Improve your yields by applying 2 or 3 top dressing during the season.

Fruit Trees and Soft Fruitorg extra man 2

Apply 4-8 handfuls in spring and autumn around the base of fruit trees, canes and bushes.

For use in Compost

Organic Extra is an excellent compost activator, helping to generate heat and enriching the compost. Any ‘left-overs’ can always be put to good use in the compost heap.

For use as a Liquid Feed

Soak a well punctured bag of Organic Extra in a large tank (or use a polythene bag in a bucket). The resulting liquid will treat an area even greater than the amount we claim for dry use on your lawn.