How to use EcoSure Pond Clear

EcoSure Pond Clear has been specially formulated with 12 different microbes that eliminate nitrates on which algae feed and digests the resulting organic matter.  Each gram of EcoSure Pond Clear contains 5 billion microbes. 

  • Helps to reduce blanket weed, algae bloom and green water.
  • Attacks nitrates, phosphates and sludge build up in your pond water.
  • Easy to use, no mess, no measuring, no nasty chemicals.
  • Safe for fish, wildlife, pets and children. 

Treat your pond initially and then to maintain a clear pond we recommend you regularly measure the nitrates in your pond and treat as required to maintain healthy, clear water on your pond. 

How to use and read the Nitrate Strips

  • Use the nitrate strip when the water temperature is between 13°C and 25°C.
  • Remove the strip from the foil package and insert into the pond water and hold for for 5 seconds.
  • Shake the strip to remove excess water and wait for one minute.
  • Now line up the colour on the nitrate strip against the comparison chart and match the colour to see if your pond requires treating.
  • If colour matches between 25 NO³ and 50 NO³ it is critical to treat your pond with Eco Sure to remove excess nitrates from the pond water. 

Ideally any reading above 10 NO³ should be treated, a level of 5 NO³ will mean algae growth has begun in your pond. The NO³ is the first part of the cycle and starts as nitrates then it will convert to NO², which forms the food source for algae and plants in your pond.

How to apply EcoSure Pond Clear

Dip a watering can or small bucket into the pond and take about 3-5 litres of water. Put the powder into the watering can and give the water a good stir. Leave in a sunny position where the water will warm up and start activating the bacteria.

Leave for 2-4 hours and give the water a thorough stir every hour or so. At the end of the 2-4 hours pour the water and the now active bacteria into the pond.

How long before you can expect to see results depends on your pond. The three key issues that determine the speed of the clean-up are; 1) how much oxygen is in your water (bacteria need oxygen), 2) how warm the water is (bacteria multiply faster in warm water) and 3) how dirty your pond was to begin with. 

A fairly clean pond with good oxygen supply should see changes in as little as 3-4 days whereas a dirty, neglected pond with no additional oxygen being added to the water from either a pump or a fountain will not see any meaningful results for possibly 3 to 6 weeks. After 4-6 weeks, repeat the process above if the green water persists.

Any pond with fish should have either an oxygen pump, a fountain or a range of aquatic plants as all of the above helps oxygenate the water.

EcoSure like most algae clearing products use friendly bacteria. Bacteria will use oxygen in the water as a natural part of the process of clearing algae. 

EcoSure can reduce oxygen levels for your fish when;

  • You have poor water movement i.e. no pump or fountain adding oxygen to your pond.
  • You add the bacteria on a very hot day (warm water holds less oxygen than cold water).
  • You add too many bacteria to a small pond.

A simple solution, if you are worried about oxygen levels because you don’t have a fountain or a pump is to just add half the recommended measure of EcoSure Pond Clear, then watch your fish over 2-3 days. If they don’t come to the surface to breathe you have not affected the oxygen levels of the water and can add the rest of the dose. This will slow down the speed at which EcoSure works, but only by about one week.

Store in a cool dry place, unopened product will remain effective for up to 2 years.


To view our info-graphic on how to use EcoSure Aqua Plus, click here.