How to Grow Young Plants

Our young plants are grown from cuttings in individual 30-50mm diameter cells depending on variety.

When you receive them, plants will be about 2-4in/5-10cm tall (again according to variety) and will have a well developed root system.

They will be ready to either plant up direct into containers or to pot on into 3.5in/9cm pots and grown on for a few weeks before planting out.


When They Arrive:

Remove the plants from the packing straight away and sit them in a tray of shallow water, allowing the plugs to fully soak.
Once the plants are completely soaked through, remove them from the tray of water and allow to drain before planting.

Potting Your Plants Up & Growing Them On:

One of the best things about our Young Plants is that it isn’t necessary to pot them up and grow them on before planting outside, although we recommend that you do for best results.

Our Shuttle Trays, complete with 9cm Pots are the ideal size for growing-on your Young Plants.

How to pot your plants up:

Once your plants have been watered and allowed a few hours to rest, they can be planted straight into 9m pots with a good multipurpose or container compost.
When doing so, ensure you handle each plant by the root ball, rather than the stem to avoid damage.
Fill each pot loosely with compost and make a large enough hole in the centre to fit the plants’ root ball. Allow one pot per plant.
Position the plant into the hole, top up with more compost if required and firm down with your hands.
Water after planting to settle to roots and leave to grow-on in a light, frost free place to grow on for 2 – 3 weeks.
Once all risk of frost has passed they can be planted outside.

Planting Young Plants straight outside:

If planting straight outside without potting on first, make sure there is no risk of frost first. Late May is usually fairly safe, but different locations may vary.
Before planting your Young Plants, thoroughly dig and water the soil first. Doing this provides an easier environment for the young plants to establish their roots.
Dig an individual hole for each plug, deep and wide enough for the entire root ball.
Position the plant into the hole and backfill with soil.
Water-in after planting.

TIP: Keep your Young Plants well watered throughout the summer, especially those planted in containers as they tend to dry out the fastest. Watering in the evening or early morning is most effective as less water is lost through evaporation and the risk of leaf scorch from the sun is reduced.

TIP: Plant up containers and hanging baskets about a month before you put them outside (if you have space to do so) this gives them a chance to establish.

When planting in any container, it’s advised that you mix gel crystals and slow-release plant food into the compost. This helps the container hold on to moisture for longer and feeds your plants continuously throughout the season, saving water and reduces the need for additional feeding. Westland Feed-all and Water Saving Gel are ideal.


Water well during hot, dry spells, paying particular attention to containers and baskets which need lots of water.
Dead-head plants regularly to encourage a longer flowering season.
Feed regularly during flowering.


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