How to Grow Peas

Your plants on arrival

Our pea plants are supplied as 9 cell multi sown modules in a re-useable, micro propagator.

On arrival remove from cardboard outer case and check the plants to ensure they have travelled well in the post. Sometimes a planting cell can become dislodged on a bumpy ride. Usually these can easily be replaced back into the tray without causing any detrimental effects to the plants within.

Your pack of 9 cells are encased within a plastic outer micro-propagator. This means there are 3 components to the packaging.

1) The outer black base that holds water

2) The upper clear lid that traps heat and moisture essential for germination

3) The inner pack of 9 cells that holds your compost and the plants

Remove the 9 cells from black base unit of the micro propagator (which you can now keep and use again and again). 

Each cell has approx. 4 peas sown in it (we call this multi-sown cells).

To remove your plants from the 9 cells, we recommend gently squeezing the base of each cell until the soil and roots have been gently loosened. Then pull the plants by grasping very gently all of the stems near the base of the plant until the cell comes loose from the plastic container.

When removing the plants please do not separate the peas that have been grown together in each cell, this will damage the root structure of the plants.

Planting Out

Plant out peas in moist, fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Allow a distance of 30cm (12in) between modules 50cm (20in) between rows. Prepare the soil in the planting area incorporating a granular fertiliser. Lightly firm and level the area then dig a hole deep enough to take the rootball of the plant module. Fill the hole with water and allow to drain. Place module in the hole and backfill soil lightly firming so the rootball is just below the soil surface. Water regularly.

Support pea plants with twiggy sticks, wire or netting as they grow, and use fine netting to protect pea crops from birds and pea moth damage.

When growing peas, regular and thorough watering especially when in flower will improve crop yields. – Check variety height to ensure your supports are tall enough.

When can I eat them?

You should be able to harvest peas when the pods have swollen and you can feel peas within. Regular picking will encourage further cropping.

Mangetout Peas are best eaten when the pod is young and bite sized, leaving the pods to mature shell and eat as garden peas.


Remember to sow / plant little and often for continuous supply. If you have a large crop peas are excellent frozen.

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