How To Apply Ant Nest Nematodes

Ant Killing Nematodes (5 million nematodes to treat approx 6 nests)
The parasitic nematode, Steinernema feltiae, can be used as a non-chemical control of ants.

When to treat
April to September/October. With severe infestations the treatment may need to be repeated.

Soil temperature must be at least 10°C.

How to treat
Ant Nest Nematodes are best applied in the evening or in dull, cloudy weather conditions, avoiding exposure to bright sunlight. It is vital to apply to a moist lawn or border as the Ant Nest Nematodes are unable to move in dry soils. Mix the Ant Nest Nematodes in 2 litres of clean water, stir, dilute further to 20 litres and apply immediately using a watering can.

Water again and keep the soil moist for 14 days.

The pack of 5 million Ant Killing Nematodes will treat up to six large Ant nests. The lawn is safe to use straight after application.

The unopened pack of Ant Nest Nematodes may be stored in a fridge up to the shelf life shown on the package, usually 1 to 2 weeks. Once opened, the entire pack contents should be used immediately.


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