Health and Nutrition


Growing vegetables is a healthy way to relieve stress, and eat healthier and safer too - because you control what goes on your vegetables, provide better nutrition for you and your family with fresh veg, not to mention the exercise while enjoying, for much of the year, the warm sun and the outdoor life.

There is nothing more satisfying than growing your favourite vegetables in your own garden without the use of pesticides or chemicals, keeping you and your family that much healthier.

By planting and tending to your garden you will be fully aware of what you eat, know exactly how it was grown plus, you'll know it just doesn't getting any fresher. And that means that you and your family will be eating fresher fruits and vegetables that generally are significantly higher in nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

But when all is said and done, you can double the health benefits, simply because as the flavours of really fresh veg and fruit are so outstanding, you'll just want to eat more. Even children appreciate the different flavours and will quickly tell the difference between home grown sweetcorn and anything you buy in the shops - to them it's the sweetness - the reality is as soon as the cob's picked it's natural sugars quickly turn to starch.