Harvest Apples

Apple ScrumptiousPick apples as soon as they are ripe. This years' bumper crop means fruit is juicier, sweeter and with better skin colour than we often see, so make the most of it!

There is nothing quite like a crisp Apple eaten straight from the tree, although some varieties are better after a few weeks of storage in a cool place to bring out their full flavour. If you don't have a Fruit Tree in your garden, now might be a good time to think about planting one, there are varieties to suit every garden, with plenty of self-fertile varieties such as the frost hardy Scrumptious.

It has been bred for growing in all conditions throughout the UK and is disease resistant, thin skinned and can be eaten straight from the tree making it an ideal garden variety.

The new Marshalls Exclusive Christmas Pippin looks set to be a winner especially since it reaches perfection in December just in time for Christmas. It is especially good with a glass of port and some Stilton cheese (and better for you than Christmas pud!)