Grow Your Own Garlic

Tuscany WightGarlic has been grown in Britain since Roman times. Now only does it do incredibly well in our climate, but it tastes so much better than imported garlic that you can get from the supermarket.

Since you can only buy imported garlic in supermarkets the only way to enjoy the superb flavour of UK grown varieties is by growing your own! For best results, garlic needs a long growing season and a cold period for the cloves to develop properly.

They do not like wet feet, so if your soil holds water or is very heavy dig a deeper planting hole and add some sand to the bottom to help the drainage, this should help prevent bulbs from rotting, alternatively wait until the new year and choose a spring planting variety such as Tuscany Wight or Solent Wight. All Marshalls garlic is UK grown by the multi award winning Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight.