Grow Container Veg

The simplest patio or garden can be transformed by the clever use of containers. You don’t just have to just use flowers in containers.

There are many fruits and vegetables which will grow very well too. Tender varieties such as Aubergines, ChilliesTomatoes and Peppers make very attractive plants and can be grown in a sunny sheltered place during the summer.

You don’t even have to sow the seeds, our Starter Plants are grown in individual modules so you can be sure they have been given the very best start in life on our nursery. They are well rooted plants, ready for you to pot on.

The Marshalls Gro-Bed is a very versatile growing system, as at home on the terrace as it is in the greenhouse, it can be used for a multitude of plantings and is suitable for growing a variety of vegetables and salads.

Annual herbs especially can be grown in all sorts of quirky containers - re-use empty veg or salad containers from the supermarket, plant up a pair of old boots or wellies with Chives or Basil or grow a mix of herbs in an old shopping bag or basket.

Just remember whatever the container it must have drainage holes. Marshalls Gro-Sack makes an ideal container for summer flowers or vegetables. It is deep enough to be used to grow the longest and most perfect Carrots and can be a great container for Strawberry plants.