Grow Bedding from Plug Plants

Seed raised bedding plants are a very cost effective way to get a lot of plants for a small outlay.

They are invaluable in the summer border, plant in larger groups and drifts for the most impact, a massed bed of Geranium Mixed will always turn heads. Begonia Non-Stop does exactly that – it flowers non-stop all summer in pots and borders.

Of course Lobelia Cambridge Blue is the perfect addition to pots and hanging baskets. A bed of Antirrhinum Giant Rust can keep you in cut flowers for most of the summer. Busy Lizzies are lovely in a shady situation and our mix stands up well to the vagaries of the British climate.

Pot them up when they arrive and grow on ready to plant out strong little plants towards the end of May when all risk of frost is past.

If you have ordered your Basket and Patio Young Plants they will soon be arriving. The more vigorous varieties such as Fuchsia and Petunias can be planted directly into your containers but the others will benefit from potting into 3½ Inch Pots to grow on.

Incorporating Westland Water Saving Gel with compost will save you time and effort later in the summer. Even if the weather is mild do not be tempted to place these tender plants outside just yet.

For late summer colour in both the border and the vase you can’t beat ChrysanthemumsDecorative Sprays will flower from mid-August providing blooms for cutting until the first frosts.

Hardy Garden Mums have so many flowers they form a complete dome and completely hide the foliage! These easy plants deserve a place in any border and will pop up every spring for years to come.