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Gro-Sure Tomato Food 1L

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4601
  • Pack Contents: 1ltr Bottle

Gro-Sure Tomato Food is a high-performance plant feed with a wide range of benefits and, with continued application, will encourage your plants to grow and produce a better quality crop.

With its high nutrient formula, the Tomato feed has been specifically created to ensure that you get your best-ever tomato crop, by producing plants and tasty fruit in abundance!

The Gro-Sure Tomato Feed is seaweed enhanced for extra micro nutrients, and has added magnesium which is essential for creating healthy tomato crops.

It is also suitable for use on a number of other crops, such as sweet peppers, aubergines and courgettes. The Tomato Food can also be used for hanging baskets, pots and other containers, as well as roses, fruit trees and general garden use.

By working with the plants natural growth system for complete plant health, the formula actively stimulates root growth, by combining a perfect mix of nutrients, amino acids, plant hormones, vitamins and minerals N:P:K 6:3:10.

Encouraging early-flowering, ripening and cropping, you can expect that the Gro-Sure Tomato Food will make 50 litres of fertiliser.


Gro-Sure Tomato Food 1L 1090-4601


Quantity of diluted feed

When to start feeding

Frequency of feeding

Indoor/Glasshouse Tomatoes

4.5L for two plants

Start feeding when first truss (flowering branch) has set (turned from flower to small green fruits)

Every four-to-five days

Outdoor Tomatoes

4.5L for two plants

Start feeding when second truss has set

Every 10-14 days

Grow-Bag Tomatoes

4.5L per grow-bag

Start feeding when first truss has set

Every four-to-five days if under glass or every 10-14 days if outdoors


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