Greenhouse Plants

A greenhouse allows you to grow a wider range of varieties that need a bit more warmth and perhaps a bit longer growing season.

However, even if you don't have a greenhouse you can still grow some of these more tender greenhouse plants. Growing with Stater Plants gives you that early edge. Pot them up and keep them in a warm, bright place - such as a windowsill or conservatory.

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Product Rating J F M A M J J A S O N D
Tomato Shirley (Cordon) - Plants 0
Tomato Gardener's Delight (Cordon) - Plants 0
Chilli plants Collection x 12 4.5
Tomato, Pepper & Cucumber Greenhouse Plant Collection 5
Tomato Sweet Million (Cordon) - Plants 0
Tomato Plants Greenhouse Collection x 9 0
Outdoor Tomato Plant Collection x 9 -Plants 4
Chilli plants Collection x 4 4.5
Chilli Apache - Plants 5
Chilli Giant Jalapeno - Plants 5
Chilli Fuego - Plants 0
Tomato Sungold (Cordon) - Plants 0
Tomato Chocolate Cherry x 3 Plants 0
Grafted Tomato Taster Pack-Plants 0
Sweet Pepper plant - Cabeneros 0
Tomato Tropical Ruby (Bush-Outdoor) - Plants 0
Pepper Snackbite Orange x 3 - Plants 0
Chilli Jalapeno - Grafted Plants 5
Aubergine Moneymaker - Grafted Plants 0
Cucumber Passandra (May despatch) - Grafted Plants 5
Snack Pepper Plants Collection 0
Chilli Norfolk Naga - Plants 0
Tomato Losetto Semi Bush Plants 0
Pepper Snackbite Yellow - Plants 0
Pepper Snackbite Red - Plants 0
Tomato San Marzano- Grafted Plants 0
Cucumber Anbar - Plants 0
Tomato Sweet Million - Grafted Plants 0
Melon Esmeralda-Grafted Plants 0
Tomato Attraction Plants x3 0
Tomato Plants - Artisan Tiger Stripes x3 0
Tomato Artisan Green Tiger Plants x3 0
Tomato Artisan Pink Tiger Plants x3 0
Tomato Artisan Blush Tiger Plants x3 0
Tomato Plants - Montello F1 (Bush) x3 0
Tomato Ore Mixed Plants 1x3 0
Tomato Red Ore F1 x3 0
Tomato Orange Ore F1 x3 0
Tomato Yellow Ore F1 x3 0
Tomato Plants - Indigo Blue Berries x3 0
Tomato Plants - Indigo Cherry Drops x3 0
Tomato Plants - Indigo Gold Berries x3 0
Tomato Plants - Indigo Cherry Berries Mix 1x3 0
Chilli Pepper 'Aji Delight' - 3x Plants 0
Chilli Pepper Plants - Firebell 0
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