Get Children Involved with Veg-Growing

Spring is a great time to get children interested in gardening they just love watching things grow and hands on activities such as sowing seeds will keep them entertained while they learn.

Allowing them a little area of their own in the garden to work on and plant their own Flowers and Vegetables will give them a wonderful sense of accomplishment when their seeds flourish and grow.

Get some small sized tools to give them a real sense of ownership of their little plot. Some quick growing seeds will kick-start their interest, cut and come again lettuce and salad leaves with a mix of colours, shapes and textures are always a good one.

Sunflowers are always a favourite with children, especially the very young and Bee and Butterfly or Bumblebee Margin Mix will bring loads of fascinating wildlife into the garden. Children just love watering and tending the seedlings every day watching them grow.

If the weather isn’t conducive to outdoor sowing yet why not get them to sow some Micro-Leaf Vegetable seeds indoors on the windowsill? These tasty little plants are harvested as soon as the first true leaves appear, they are easy to grow and best of all they give very quick results which will surely get your children raring to get outside and grow even more vegetables!