Fennel Seeds

Sweet Fennel is a true delicacy, grown for it's white, slightly flattened bulbs and for their delicate feathery foliage. The aniseed flavoured plumes are superb added to fish or meat dishes.

Delicious either steamed, grilled or roasted, Florence Fennel can be thinly sliced or grated raw to add crunch to salads. Our large packs of Fennel seeds produce deliciously different vegetable bringing a refreshing change to your taste buds!

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Fennel Seeds
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Fennel Orion Seeds - Florence (Sweet) 5
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  • Fennel With Parmesan Crumb Fennel With Parmesan Crumb

    By steaming fennel the pungent aniseed flavour is made delicate, producing a tender accompaniment for richer meats such as lamb or sausages.

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