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Envii Foundation x18 tablets

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2177
  • Pack Contents: 18 tablets per pack

Envii Foundation is an exciting new biological gardening product that fortifies your crops against the elements, as well as diseases and pests in the soil, giving all your fruit and vegetables the best defence to be able to grow and fruit in abundance.

Foundation really strengthens your plants; the active ingredients include beneficial bacteria which colonise and surround the roots of your favourite plants, forming an impenetrable force-field.

Entirely safe to pets, our bacteria-based Foundation is perfect for bedding. From giving young plants a super-strong start in life to steeling plants against the worst of extreme summer and winter temperatures, we’ve got it covered with Envii Foundation.



How to apply

Foundation comes as a dissolvable tablet that works on fortifying your crops; it includes beneficial bacteria which colonise and surround the roots. The bacteria then form a force-field around the roots right away.

Simply water the solution into your soil for a week before planting your fruit and vegetables.


  •          Helps roots absorb more water and nutrients
  •          Works for plants at all stages- from young plants to fully-mature plants
  •          Fortifies flowering and fruiting stems
  •          Outcompetes harmful soil organisms for essential nutrients

Not alot of difference , don't know whether it's worth it


i have not used yet a bit to early to plant seeds but am hoping for the best

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