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Envii Early Starter

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2200
  • Pack Contents: 1 250ml bottle

Plants are not keen on the cold so treat them with natural ‘anti-freeze’ Envii Early Starter which acts like an inoculation against the cold!

Early Starter is a liquid formulation that acts like a winter coat for plants - a bio-stimulant that keeps plants warm and helps them repair and grow on quickly after cold temperatures.

It contains a sophisticated combination of natural plant extracts and other nutrients to change the plants natural reaction to cold temperatures ensuring continued growth. In effect it reprogrammes the plant’s energy to develop roots in cold temperatures.

Tests have demonstrated that plants continue to grow in soil temperatures between 6-8°C (43-46°F), where normally they would only grow at temperatures above 10°C (50°F).

Plants treated with Envii Early Start also demonstrate less damage from cold temperatures and grow away much quicker and stronger much quicker.


Directions for use

  • For best results apply weekly to the plants you wish to benefit.
  • Dilute 20ml per 5 litres of water and apply to the base of the plant.
  • 250ml makes over 60 litres of treatment
  • Early Starter provides protection against the cold and in severe cold helps plants repair more quickly.
  • If using in conjunction with Envii Deep Rooter - use half doses per application or treat every fortnight alternating between Deep Rooter and Early Starter


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  • Recommended for Exhibition growing

Envii Early Starter 1090-2200

Terry Walton (BBC Radio 2 Garden Personality from Jeremy Vine’s Show) gave a testimonial on Envii Early Starter, he says: 

“My gardening year starts in January in a heated greenhouse when in go my onions, lettuce, cabbage and broad beans. These are started off in the warmest part of the greenhouse and after transplanting they are moved to the cooler area.

This winter has been the warmest and wettest on record and a total lack of sunshine. The seedlings just sat there refusing to grow. So, action was needed and I came across Early Starter from Envii. This stated it would stimulate growth of these plants in the lower temperatures and encourage growth. I filled my pressure sprayer with tepid water and added the correct amount of Early Starter liquid and gave my seed trays a wetting with this liquid. After a couple of days and another spraying these dormant seedlings decided to grow again! I must say I was sceptical that this would happen but the proof is in the results.

This is definitely part of my ‘armoury’ in future.

Based on my results I would strongly recommend it to any gardener looking to grow in the early season when the weather is cold.”


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