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Envii Deep Rooter

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2201
  • Pack Contents: 1 bottle

Easy to apply biological treatment formulated to increase the length and mass of plant roots, enabling them to seek out water and nutrients even in times of drought. It creates plants that are much more robust and can survive and thrive in hot dry conditions, ensuring continued growth and less reliance on watering.

An increased network of roots;

  • Accesses more groundwater
  • Improves take-up of major nutrients phosphorus and sulphur
  • Accesses more nutrients for stronger plants

Ideal for crops being grown without constant attention, plants grown on fast-draining soils or where water availability is scarce.

Deep Rooter is made up of a sophisticated combination of natural plant extracts and nutrients encouraging plant roots to develop dramatically in both their length and their mass.

With increased length and breadth plants roots can access ground water at greater depths and across a much wider area. Larger roots take up more nutrients in the soil for overall stronger plants.

Direction for use:

  • Apply every 14 days throughout the growing season for best results.
  • Dilute 20ml per 5 litres of water and apply to base of the plant.
  • 250ml makes over 60 litres of treatment
  • If using in conjunction with Envii Early Starter use half doses (10ml per 5 litre of water) at each application.



have tried this product, the count is still out as to does it work or not and are there any advantages in using it.


seems to work time will tell


Will find out later in season (hoping we get a long dry spell) if this was worth using!

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