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Envii Chill Out

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2199
  • Pack Contents: 1x 250ml bottle

Hot weather can cause as much damage to plants as cold weather. Any extreme environment will stress plants and affect performance in flowering and fruiting. Envii Chill Out is the solution.

  • Easy-use bio-stimulant liquid formula you simply add to water
  • Reduces the effects of overheating in plants through high temperatures or in greenhouses
  • Internal air conditioning for plants to protect against stress of High Temperatures
  • Suitable for flowers and vegetables
  • Prevents flower abortion
  • Stimulates side-shoots and bud development at high temperatures
  • Maintain growth rates during summer
  • Reduces need to paint out greenhouse windows
  • Promotes more growth hormones

Plants go into distress and concentrate on survival rather than growth. Flowers may be aborted/sacrificed and side-shoots and buds not developed as the plant focuses on its core survival rather than growth.

Envii Chill Out is a unique advanced biostimulant that effectively acts as a temperature regulator for plants when temperatures rise above 25°C (77°F) ensuring plant growth in hot conditions. Tested in the glass houses of the Middle East, Envii Chill Out reduces the effect of heat stress and promotes growth hormone allowing plants to thrive in high temperatures.

Envii Chill Out is mainly used in greenhouses and cold frames, but can also be used on plants that experience high temperatures indoors such as conservatories.

Simple to apply and manage and no need to purchase or install physical shading, which can be unsightly and potentially dangerous to install on glass.

Simple and cost effective to apply either to foliar using a pressure sprayer or to the soil using a watering can.

Directions for use

  • Foliar application- Dilute 5 ml of Chill Out per 10 litres of water and apply by trigger or pressure spray.
  • Soil application - Dilute 10ml of Chill Out per 10 litres of water and apply by watering can or pressure spray.
  • Always shake/stir before use
  • Then apply WEEKLY to plants you wish to benefit.
  • Always use fresh solution with each weekly application
  • Do not overdose – as this may cause damage to plants
  • Store safely away from children and animals

For best results use in conjunction with Envii Foundation Probiotic soil and plant health products


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