Encourage Pollinators to Your Garden

VegEncourage bees and pollinating insects into your garden by planting nectar and pollen rich plants close to your vegetable plot. The best habitat has a range of plants to provide a succession of nectar and pollen rich flowers throughout the summer which in turn will attract the biggest range of pollinators to your garden.

Many perennial plants are excellent nectar providers, plants such as Verbena Bonariensis, Rudbeckia Goldsturm and Agastache are all great favourites with bees and butterflies.

Bumblebee Margin Mix contains Borage, Phacelia and Essex Red Clover – all of which are a real magnet for bees they can have a huge effect on improving pollination and crop yields. Hardy annuals such as Calendula, Scabious, Larkspur, Nasturtium and Cornflowers can all be sown direct into the space you want them to grow and will also help local bee population.  

Herbs are a magnet for bees and pollinating insects, grow them as a mix in a large pot or in individual pots. Of course they also make excellent plants for the border. The lovely blue flowers of Borage are irresistible to bees and butterflies. Try putting a Borage flower in each section of an ice cube tray, cover with water and freeze, they look gorgeous in summer drinks! My absolute ‘must have’ summer herbs include Chives – even the flowers are edible and look fantastic in salads - Coriander, Oregano and Basil of course. Thyme and Parsley are a necessity.