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Empathy Hanging Basket Starter 190g

  • Catalogue Code 1090-4630
  • Pack Contents: 1x 190g Pack, 12x 16g Biscuits

Use in hanging baskets, pots and containers to give your flowers a real boost and long-lasting lavish display.

  • Single use actively promotes great roots for life- great roots equal great flowers
  • Encourages uptake of essential nutrients and steels plants against dry conditions
  • Includes water gel, great for maintaining moisture over a long time

Empathy Hanging Basket Starter biscuits with Rootgrow™ supplies your hanging basket flowers and bedding with all the nutrients and moisture they need and water to truly thrive throughout the summer and into autumn.

Every biscuit contains bio-additives which promote strong roots; great news for your flowers. The biscuits also have water-retaining crystals and slow-release fertilisers, keeping your flowers well-fed and well-hydrated through the summer. They’ll thank you by producing lots of beautiful and colourful flowers.

Empathy Hanging Basket Starter contains Rootgrow™ with specialist fungi the naturally bonds to flower roots, effectively becoming part of the root system. Roots then prosper and grow really fast to seek out nutrients and water.

The fungi tracks down phosphorus and potassium and trace elements fast for great flowering and fruiting. Plus they hold onto water like an absorbent sponge, making your flowers super drought tolerant.

Each Rootgrow biscuit also contains fertilisers to give plants a steady nutrient release for up to four months, and water gel crystals for extra protection against drying out.

How do I use Empathy Hanging Basket Starter?

Simply press 1 biscuit just under the soil surface of your basket or pot.

After the first 3-4 months, you can either apply a liquid feed to keep plants flowering all season long, or add more biscuits by inserting just below the surface and watering well.

How many biscuits should I use? 

Use 1 biscuit for 1 pot with a volume of 3 litres

Use 2 biscuits for small pots and baskets between 3-7 litres.

Use 3 or 4 biscuits for pots and baskets between 7-15 litres.

Use 4 biscuits for pots over 15 litres.


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