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Elephant Garlic Cloves

  • Catalogue Code 1040-6045
  • Pack Contents: 1x Pack of 12x Jumbo Cloves
  • Rare mammoth garlic type
  • Great for roasting
  • Bulbs 10cm (4in) in diameter
  • 12 cloves at planting turns to around 48 cloves at harvesting

Elephant Garlic cloves produces big bulbs and big fat cloves. Closely related to the leek technically you grow it just like you would any regular garlic.

Excellent for overwintering we recommend that you add it to your winter plot so your plants have time to settle and establish for superior harvests next summer.

Treat your soil to an inch (2.5cm) top layer of fresh vegetable compost and plant the big bulbs eight to nine inches (20-23cm) apart around an inch (2.5cm) deep into the soil. 

The flavour is sweeter and milder than traditional garlic, for those that like a hint of garlic flavour. 

Basted with olive oil and then roasted in the oven, Elephant Garlic cloves make a rare and creamy-textured vegetable great to serve as starters. Also great to enhance soups without overpowering them.


  • Will flower well in full sun

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Plant Outdoors

Elephant Garlic Cloves 1040-6045

Starting Autumn-planting Garlic
Choose a sunny site and soil that is well drained. Incorporating bulky compost into the soil before planting will increase fertility and nutrient levels as well as improve the soil texture to make it more well-draining but at the same time adequately moisture-retentive. Garlics do not thrive in acid soils so adding lime is advisable to raise the pH and create a more alkaline soil. Plant cloves of garlic 15cm (6in) apart about 5-7cm (2-3in) deep and if planting in more than one row 30cm (12in) between rows. Plant cloves are little shallower in clay soils, but if the soil is nicely worked and well-textured plant at 5-10cm (2-4in). Water well. Consider growing under black polythene, which suppresses emerging weeds. Ridding weeds by hoeing later in the season may damage the bulb heads neat the surface of the soil.


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One garlic clove was half rotten


Extremely good cloves,delivered as stated but the proof will be provided during harvesting.

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