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Ego Power+ Standard 56v Lithium Ion Battery Charger CH2100E

  • Catalogue Code 1090-2357
  • Pack Contents: 1x Standard Charger

When it’s time to recharge the battery of your dependable garden power tools the Ego Power+ Charger gives fast and effective results. Smart battery control system constantly monitors every cell’s charge and its temperature to give your batteries the optimum charge.

With integrated fan-cooling system for safe, reliable and effective temperature control. As a result the run time often exceeds the charge time. 

  • LED charging indicator (for battery and recharge status)
  • Fan-cooled charging system

Battery Charge Time:

2.0Ah Battery - 40 Minutes

4.0Ah Battery - 80 Minutes

5.0Ah Battery - 100 Minutes

6.0Ah Battery - 115 Minutes

7.5Ah Battery - 145 Minutes

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