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Edamame Bean Seeds (Soya Bean) - Summer Shell

  • Catalogue Code 1030-3208
  • Pack Contents: 80x Soya Bean Seeds
  • Protein-rich rare variety
  • High-yields
  • Naturally adds nitrogen to the soil

Edamame beans (soya beans) have been praised by the experts in the growing trials and are now available to you!

An excellent source of protein you can eat these beans boiled, steamed or stir fried. In all these forms they are delicious and nutritious. They give you a long crop from late summer to autumn when you grow them in a sunny site.

These large creamy beans are nutritious and filling- a great addition to vegetarian dishes and bean casseroles. The latest way to eat them, popular in top restaurants, is steamed in their whole pods and dipped in rock salt to taste.

We recommend you sow three seeds in a small pot in late spring. Simply fill a pot with compost specially formulated for young plants, to the top and make a deep depression in the centre of the pot with your finger. Pop the large seeds in the dent and cover. Water the surface of the pot.

Once the seeds germinate keep watering daily. When the seedlings have about two leaves, remove all seedlings except the strongest one to grow on into plants you can transplant outside from late June for handsome harvests from August.

Space plants 15cm (6in) apart when you transplant them outside.


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Will flower well in full sun

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Edamame Bean Seeds (Soya Bean) - Summer Shell 1030-3208

At last a soya bean that will grow in our climate! Grow in the same way as a dwarf French bean and pick fresh pods ''in the green'' or leave on the bush to harvest when pods have dried. Pods grow in clusters of three to five with 2 to 4 beans in each. Grown best in a full sun location either in pots on the patio or planted through soil warming black polythene in open ground. Harvest swollen pods in the green or leave to dry on the plant.

Soya beans should not be eaten raw and require at least 10 minute boil, destroying toxins, before shelling and eating the tender green bean inside.

SOW INDOORS: April - May individually in clean pots or modules of compost 2 in (5cm) deep. Water well and keep warm.

SOW OUTDOORS - June direct into the required harvest location, 2in (5cm) deep, 4in (10cm) apart. Allow 18in (45cm) between rows. Keep soil moist at all times.

PLANT OUT - Indoor raised crops  June 4in (10cm) apart. Allow 18in (45cm) between rows. When risk of frost has passed. Keep soil moist at all times.

TIP - Keep well watered during flowering. Blanch dried pods in boiling water to remove toxins and make shelling easier.


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