Dig in Green Manure

If you have managed to sow and over-winter a Green Manure crop it is now the right time to begin digging it in! It is important to do this while it is fresh and green. It will break down easier and quicker than if you leave it to get too tough.

Chop it up well with your Spade or go over it with a strimmer before digging in as this will help break it down, the finer the chop the quicker it breaks down and the better it will be for your soil.

Green Manures suppress weeds and help prevent nutrients being washed out of the soil by rain and snow. They add humus and release nutrients slowly back into the soil over time, making them readily available to following crops.

Avoid planting for 2 – 3 weeks to allow it to begin the process of breaking down from soft green plant material to wonderful life-giving humus.