Deter Wildlife from Your Crops!

Once your young tomato plants are large enough to plantAre you constantly exasperated by pigeons, rabbits and other grazers snacking on all your Young Plants? Have you tried just about everything you can think of to deter them but still they manage to chomp away on your borders and vegetable patch?

We have found the perfect antidote to your problem Grazers is an effective solution as it makes the plants very unpalatable to pigeons, rabbits, geese and deer. It is applied to the plant foliage where it is absorbed systemically through the leaf of the growing plant. Grazers has proved very successful with farmers and growers and has only recently been offered in sizes suitable for the home gardener.

Because it is nutrient based, it can be sprayed safely on Ornamentals, Shrubs, Bedding, Fruit or Vegetable and Lawns. The product is absorbed through the leaf stimulating plant growth and help repair any damage already caused.

It is odourless to the human nose, and safe for pets. In most cases a single treatment is effective but 2 or 3 applications will allow Grazers to build up within the plant. Being trace element based it is beneficial to the plant and can be sprayed safely even on Young Plants at the earliest growth stage.