Customer Services

I firmly believe a good Customer Service Team is the foundation of any company.
However excellent the Company may be, there will always be a need for customer support and the irritation caused by a lack of it, drives customers away!

It is our quest to ensure each and every question or problem put to us, by you, is answered and solved. To do this, it is my job to ensure the team has access and knowledge on all aspects of product, deliveries and technical queries. I encourage them to grow their own fruit and veg to experience the highs and lows of gardening, along with you, so they know exactly where you are coming from!

To ensure the team is raring to go each morning, I line them up and we do a series of synchronized, vigorous exercises to loud Latin music…….I wish! In reality it is a sedate cup of tea or coffee whilst catching up with what the day is likely to bring  regarding calls, emails and letters.  It is important preparation so we can get your queries answered quickly and efficiently to get you back to the important stuff in the garden.

Any problems, big or small, we are here for you.

Viva La Garden!