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Courgette Seeds Collection

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  • Catalogue Code 1020-2672
  • Pack Contents: 30x Courgette Seeds, 10x of Each Variety
  • Weed-suppressing large leaves
  • Big harvests
  • Edible flowers and fruits

If you love the taste and ease of growing prolific and productive courgette plants this collection is the perfect way to try a range of different sun-ripe courgettes.


Tuscany is well suited to the UK climate and will fruit well even in the North! Producing high yields of very dark, straight fruits, the plants have an erect, open habit with very few spines making picking easy.


Courgette Lemona is a really prolific cropper! The yellow, cylindrical fruit it produces are 20cm long. The plant has very few leaf and stem spines making it easier to pick for the home gardener. It’s definitely one of the best yellow varieties and adds wonderful vibrancy to any meal you use it in.


The amazing thing about Latino is the characteristic ribbing, which looks as if someone has carefully peeled off a fine strip of skin. As a vegetable it looks simply amazing when served cut in rounds - it looks like little cog wheels! It just happens to be great on flavour too.


  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting

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What can you say about a seed other than it grows? They have grown and the quality is worth paying for.


Very late in arriving, having had to alter order twice . As no seeds available!! I had to ring twice before I was informed that order could be altered.


A good selection of courgette seeds but I would like a bit more information about each variety. They each had different germination periods so it would have been helpful to know this and then I could have planted them at different times so they would all produce plants together. The germination of the Tuscan variety was poor - less than 50%. Why do you think this was? They were all planted in the same place with the same conditions but the germination of the other varieties was at least 80%

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