Continue to Earth-Up Potatoes

Marshalls PotatoesKeep earthing up your Potatoes as they grow to encourage more tuber growth and protect the tops from any late frost which can kill off the foliage.

If you planted a very early variety such as Swift you may even be lucky enough to be harvesting a few tasty new potatoes from the end of the month! Nothing beats the first freshly dug new potatoes, boiled with a large sprig of Mint and served with a knob of butter melting over them – my mouth’s watering already!

Slugs love potatoes and the little grey ones that live in the ground will be highly active now. To prevent them nibbling away at your crop water the ground around your precious plants with Nemaslug which contains millions of naturally occurring nematodes which kill slugs above and below ground.

They are completely harmless to birds, animals and children.