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Compostable Leaf Sacks

  • Catalogue Code 1090-9815
  • Pack Contents: 3x Compostable Leaf Sacks
  • Eco-friendly
  • Keeps soil clear of weeds
  • Improves your soil by attracting worms
  • Great alternative to plastic
  • 70cm x 40cm
  • Three sacks in every pack

A great-value pack of three robust jute sacks, ideal for collecting autumn leaf fall; keeping your plot tidy and free of debris that can harbour pests. The leaves break down over time into a nutritious medium perfect for feeding your soil to support healthy well-fed plants including vegetables and flowers.

These jute sacks are fully compostable themselves; environmentally friendly and the perfect alternative to plastic equivalents.

Ideas for full sacks of leaves;

  1. Composting

Fill your sacks with leaves to keep your plot tidy. Store them somewhere dry and cool and you can forget about them for a year or two. Your sacks will be full of leaf-compost when you come back which is great for spreading over your flower beds as an effective warming mulch. If you want to use your sacks multiple times we recommend you store them somewhere cool and dry.  

  1. Weed control

Put your full sacks on their sides around trees or large bushes and leave the sacks to biodegrade over time. While the leaves inside break down the sacks themselves stop weeds from popping up. 

  1. Vegetable plots

Dig a trench in your vegetable plot and pop the sacks in, covering them again with soil. The leaves and bags decompose which encourages beneficial worm activity. Great for soil structure and adding nutrients to the soil.


3 biodegradable sacks
Height: 70cm
Width 40cm

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