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Codling Moth Trap

  • Catalogue Code 1090-3879
  • Pack Contents: 1 x Trap

Contains 2 lures, 2 sticky bases & 1 trap.

The major cause of maggot damage to apples and pears is the caterpillar of the Codling Moth. This trap provides a warning when further control measures may be needed.

  • Uses Pheromone scent of female moth to attract and catch male moths.
  • Pesticide free, safe for beneficial insects.
  • Restricted opening to prevent birds being caught.
  • The traps should be hung in the fruit tree in early May.
  • Refills available, traps can be reused.

Remove the trap by the beginning of September and dispose of the lure and sticky insert. Clean and store trap.

Codling Moth Trap 1090-3879


In most seasons moths fly and mate on warm nights from late May until the end of July, although in some years activity may continue until well into August. In this case a 3rd lure and sticky insert may be needed. 


The trap should be assembled as in the diagrams (on the back of the pack). The sticky insert should be unfolded and placed sticky side up, in the base of the trap. The lure should be removed from the foil sachet and laid in the centre of the sticky insert. Ensure that the end flaps are secured. THE LURE WILL RELEASE SCENT FROM WHEN THE SACHET IS OPENED - DO NOT OPEN SACHET UNTIL THE LURE IS NEEDED. 


In a garden one trap should monitor up to 5 average size trees with a range of 15m (50ft)of the trap. It should be hung at around head height on the windward side of the tree (or group of trees).

After 5 week replace the sticky insert and lure, with the second set provided. Inspect the trap regularly. If you are catching more the 15 moths per week a suitable spray should be applied a week later, we recommend Resolva Bug Killer


works well in controlling moths


Using again this year I think I was a little late using last year so I'm going to try again and hopefully I will see better results this year


good as usual up and working

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