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Chilli Pepper Plants - Medusa

  • Catalogue Code 1080-9001
  • Pack Contents: 1 Chilli Pepper Plant

A beautiful compact lollipop standard chilli, with a fantastic sweet peppery taste that won’t blow your head off!

Aptly named after the Greek mythological monster with snakes for hair, 'Medusa' with erect chillies that change colour from a pale, ghostly green, ripening to lime, orange and ending in a vivid red when fully ripe.

If you don’t like the heat of chillies, then Medusa will be perfect for you and the family, as it has a sweet peppery low heat flavour measuring approximately 1,000 scoville units. You can eat chilli Medusa raw or use it when cooking – your choice, we love it both ways!

Medusa will prolifically produce dozens of chillis for harvest now and into winter.

Plant supplied is 30cm with a 10cm head. Some fruit may have already formed on plant when delivered.


Your plants on arrival

Your plants arrive to you potted up with a ready-established root-network in a 9cm (3 ½ in) pot. Plants are a lollipop standard shape 30cm (12in) tall above the pot with a head 10cm (4in) in diameter. Some fruit may have already formed on plant when delivered too.

Remove all packaging, carefully cutting the plastic bag away from the pot which has protected your plants in transit. Place plants on a light windowsill but not in hot, direct sunlight which can scorch the plant. Ensure you stand plant on a saucer or place in a decorative bowl so that any excess water does not drain onto your furniture.

If the plant is a little rocky in its pot firmly push your fingers tips into the compost around the base of the plant and cane. This will secure and steady the plant.

Chilli plants are quite happy when soil is moist to touch. Check daily, put your finger on the compost and sense if it feels moist, not wet. Ensure there isn’t excess water in the saucer or ceramic pot as this could ‘drown’ the plant.

Chillies are not very hungry plants - Feeding fortnightly during spring and summer with a liquid feed such as a Tomato Food should be enough and feeding less often in winter.

If any side shoots appear on the main trunk (the lollipop stick) gently rub off with your finger tips.

For long term care

Chilli plants are tender shrubs and will happily live outdoors during our summer months. Bring inside as the weather cools in late autumn and keeping in a light position and this chilli will keep producing chillies almost all year round.

Pot up in slightly larger pots using a good quality compost preferably with some slow release food built in like, Westland Vegetable growing compost, giving them room to grow and develop.

Keep the plant compact and in good shape by pinching out any unwanted growth on this slow growing compact plant.

Harvest fruits as required by pinching or using scissors where the fruit meets the branch.

30cm (12inches)


  • Will flower well in full sun

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Plant Outdoors

Very healthy plants with chilli's already well established. They are very juicy with an excellent taste.


Lovely little plants, came with some Chillis almost ripe, and lots of unripe, not used yet, but I will be using them very soon



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