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Carrot Seeds - Namur F1 Hybrid

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2303
  • Pack Contents: 300x Carrot Seeds

A very reliable, Nantes-type early spring-cropping carrot, if grown under cover. Has an attractive deep orange colour and shows good disease resistance. A popular choice for exhibition growers on account that they are so good-looking and uniform in growth.

We recommend you sow outdoors from May to June in their permanent position. Sow thinly in a ½ inch (1cm) deep furrow of stone-free soil and place a thin layer of soil over the seeds. If you want to grow carrots in more than one row allow 12in (30cm) between the rows. Once the seedlings appear thin out to 1in (2.5cm) apart as they grow.

We’d advise you to protect plants from carrot root-fly by building a barrier from the ground to 12in (30cm) high around the row. Cling film is great for this held up by canes at either end of the row.

Tip: Water plants generously in dry weather.

How your plants arrive

Your Carrot Namur variety arrives to you as a well-sealed packet of 300 seeds with variety and cultural information on the front and the back of the packet.

This includes the best sowing time, benefits of growing the variety, harvests time, top tips and other handy bits of information to help you to grow your crop successfully and enjoyably.

Can’t plant straight away?

If you need to wait until the advised time of sowing which is given on the packet check the ‘Best Before’ date given on the packet and keep the packet in a dry and cool place like a drawer in an unheated room or garage.


  • F1 Hybrids are crossed varieties that are exceptionally vigorous and longer lasting
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

Growing Calendar for Carrot Seeds - Namur F1 Hybrid

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  • Feb
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  • Apr
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Sow Indoors
Sow Outdoors

Slow to sprout, first shoots on the way.


Received this carrot as a promo in 2017 - easily produced lots of lovely carrots, with minimum looking after. Earlier than Autumn King, so had carrots overlapping, which is good!


I usually grow several varieties of carrots which I mix together.so I harvest a variety of carrots of different sizes and colours..

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