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Calibrachoa Calita Red Plants x6

  • Catalogue Code 5120-1308
  • Pack Contents: 6x Young Calibrachoa Plants

We love Calibrachoa Calita red as it is bursting with personality for small flowers. Falling into the shorter category of flowers at a height of around 6-12 inches, the red flower heads are packed full of character. Warm rich red petals surround a yellow button like centre piece that is a joy to look at. Calibrachoas have a variety of planting options such planting in containers, in the ground or from hanging baskets as they have a beautiful trailing habit.

Loved by gardeners for its continuous growth habit and long blooming periods gardeners know that they can rely on cherry red morn to hold beautiful colour all year round.  If you are a bird lover then this Calibrachoa can attract beautiful hummingbirds to your garden.

The rewards really outweigh the little amount of maintenance that this Calibrachoa requires from you. Deadheading is not required therefore you can just leave this flower to its own habits. If your garden or outdoor space is a particular heat trap, then not to worry, as this Calibrachoa is fantastic for heat resistance.

At Marshalls we usually find it easier to start your Calibrachoa’s off in a container as it’s easier to control the soil moisture. If the roots are too wet to begin with then disease can become present.

If you wish for your Calibrachoa’s to be a ground plant then it is essential that they are planted in well-drained soil to prevent root disease. Once in the ground, they should require little water unless it is an extremely dry period. A Marshall’s tip is if your plants are looking a little tired throughout the season trim heads back with some pruning snips. This will cause them to want to branch out more creating a denser fuller look.

30cm / 12in
Spread: 60cm / 24in


  • Good in containers and pots
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Will flower well in partial sun

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