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Brokali Seeds - Apollo

  • Catalogue Code 1020-2212
  • Pack Contents: 50x Brokali Seeds
  • Top-end superior variety 
  • Edible soft stems and sideshoots
  • Hardy in the UK

Discover the tenderness and flavour of supermarket 'best and finest' Broccoli and avoid the premium price you have to pay for it with these seeds, available to you at a fraction of the price.

Now you can grow tasty, melt-in-the-mouth stems of your own on your vegetable plot wherever you are in the country.

Delicious Brokali is a prolific, fast-growing new variety which means you could soon be cutting the first succulent stems followed by a wealth of delicious side shoots over a long period.

For best results we recommend that you sow in modules in the greenhouse or potting shed and transplant after six to eight weeks.

Brokali Apollo are also available as young plants

Sufficient for 50ft / 15m Row


  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Varieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour
  • Suitable for freezing

Growing Calendar for Brokali Seeds - Apollo

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Sow Indoors
Sow Outdoors
Plant Outdoors

Brokali Seeds - Apollo 1020-2212

Tender Stemmed Broccoli

Sow Indoors: March, singly in clean pots or modules of compost 1in (2.5cm) deep. Water well.

Sow Outdoors: April - May thinly ½in (1cm) direct in harvest location or clean module trays of firm pre watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times.

Thin Out: 4in (10cm) apart.

Plant Out: May-June into the required harvest position 12in (30cm) apart with 24in (60cm) between each row.

Harvest: June-August. Cut central head to initiate side shoots.

Protect from Cabbage White Butterfly with netting.

Standard Seeds E.C Rules and Regulations.


Good germination rate, very nice variety taste and texture.


Had them before - OK a repeat purchase



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