Wildlife Pond

01 May 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family


A few years ago I decided to build a pond to attract wildlife to the garden and I was amazed at how quickly wildlife arrived - without any intervention from me! In the very first summer I had frogs galore which didn't surprise me as I knew we had plenty in the garden and also newts which I was very excited about. The birds of course found it as soon as there was water in it!

Now well established and planted it attracts birds, insects, damselflies, pond skaters, water beetles and even bees which come to drink from the shallow edges. I even had a sparrowhawk swoop down to take a young starling that was having a bath but that only happened once thank goodness.

The strange thing is that this year I haven't seen any frogspawn at all. I know it's been a long winter but when it was frozen over for several weeks a couple of years ago, once it thawed out I pulled out 39 dead frogs that had floated to the surface - and we still had plenty of frogspawn! I keep looking but there isn't any to be seen this year so far.

I need to set to and get rid of the blanket weed that has built up then perhaps I might find some, I think that could be a job for the weekend if it's going to be fine. I have planted around the edges and in the pond too and in the summer it has a somewhat full appearance but the wildlife seem to like it looking like a jungle. One end is very shallow and beach-like so any animal that inadvertently falls in can easily get out.

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