Watch Out, 'Frost' Is About!

12 May 2010 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

The weather is still very cold particularly at night, in some areas frost is still more than likely to occur til at least the end of May. Its best to check your local weather forecast but I say ‘if in doubt cover them up’. The daytime wind has also been fairly strong and bitterly cold.

Protect all young plants particularly those that are frost tender such as bedding plants, basket plants, tomatoes and peppers. Which may also require some extra heat, so bring them indoors if you can.

I would also advise to protect your hardy young plants that  you have either grown yourself or have just received. They may be hardy but remember they are young and have just come out of a warm glass house and will require some hardening off before they are planted out into the garden soil.

‘Mound up’ potatoes to ensure top growth is protected by a layer of soil as frosting will seriously put your potato crop behind.

Fleece is particularly good at protecting crops and it can also be left on during the day time as light and water is able to penetrate. Water crops sparingly during cold periods so that the young plants are not sitting in cold water. If plants do need water, water early in the day to allow as much water as possible to evaporate  before night time.

Remember its better to protect your crops now rather than loose them to mother nature!

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