Under Attack from Mother Nature and Her Legions!

17 May 2011 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Carrots Eaten By SlugsOK – I’m now not a happy gardener. We haven’t had any meaningful rain for about 6 weeks now and despite one of the hottest April’s since the Big Bang, my potatoes have frost damage! To cap it all, I’ve lost an entire row of young carrot seedlings to slugs...

Luckily, the potatoes seem to have pulled through, but I’ll be getting some fleece to guard against more late frosts and applying liberal amounts of nemaslug to deal with those pesky blighters.

Of more concern is the drought, I’ve been using water sparingly but if we don’t get some decent rain soon then I could be in real trouble. To help mitigate this, I’ve been raising plants at home so that I can keep an eye on them, rather than sow direct or plant small seedlings on the plot. Once they’ve reached a decent size I’ll plant them out and hopefully they’ll be large enough to fend for themselves.


03 June 2011 - Gael Wrote:

It's a losing battle when you fight mother nature, why not work with her instead. I live in the S East, we have had less rain than anyone else, but I mulch my soil and it is still moist under the mulch., my beds are raised and when we get a deluge then it drains well onto the paths. My ducks have free range in the garden all winter, they are good predators of slugs, so are frogs and toads, do you have a nature pond ? 

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