Top Ten Vegetables for Containers

25 August 2014 | Posted in General by The Marshalls Family

Lettuces - Little Gem and its equivalent red variety Dazzle produce small cos shaped heads.

Salad Leaves - Marshalls offer a Baby Leaf Salad Mix and Spicy Greens Mix. Summer sowings produce leaves in about 4 weeks.  The great thing is you can just cut them and then they'll come again.

Radish - Fantastic quick growers, cropping in just a few weeks.  Sow Radish Amethyst a little and often as many radish can grow quickly woody in the centres.

Dwarf Runner Beans - Hestia is a very compact variety which is perfect for pots or in the flower border and features lovely red and white flowers too.

Beetroot - Easy to grow and you can use a few leaves in salads too. Modern baby varieties such as Solo and Action are best suited to pots and containers.


Carrots - Short stump rooted varieties like Atlas are best and early maturing too.

Courgettes - With a little space for foliage to run and reasonable air circulation courgettes are easy to grow. Choose a disease resistant variet5y such as Tuscany to avoid powdery mildew.

Gherkins - Rather than grow cucumbers, try gherkins. Bimbostar crops prolifically and the tasty, seedless fruits are equally suitable for salads and pickles too.

Rocket - Just lives up to its name.  Quick easy to grow and always there when you want a garnish.  Just keep cutting regularly to reduce bolting and coarse leaves.

Potato Earth gg

Potatoes - Top exhibitors grow potatoes in large pots or Gro-Sacks. The key is to keep adding more compost round the plants as they grow (‘ridging-up') and regularly feed and water. Choose an early variety, like Lady Christl, or a waxy salad variety such as Juliette. Both types are more rewarding grown on a small scale.

Plus Three Easy Outstanding Outdoor Exotics

All of these varieties are easy to grow - but you will need full sun. Again, choose fairly large containers or use growing bags. Those using darker peats such as the Westland Grow Bag tend to hold moisture better. Do avoid planting outside until after frosts have finished.

TomatoesTomatoes - The small bush varieties require minimal training and most produce lots of small sweet fruit.  Gardener's Delight is the most well known, but for true sweetness, choose Sweet Million and for a sweet Italian plum shape, it has to be Tropical Ruby. They all just taste superb eaten straight from the bush.

Aubergines - Up against a sunny wall, they really can perform well and don't need much care. Grow in big pots or two to a growing bag. And for cooks who want to impress guests, grow the baby fruiting variety Aubergine Ophelia.

Peppers and Capsicums - Sweet peppers grow well on sunny terraces - chilli peppers are amazing.  They are prolific, look so exotic and impressive, yet really are truly easy. Tie up and dry stems of surpluses or make into sweet chilli sauce or chilli jam.  For pots and containers you'll do no better than select Chilli Pepper Caldero.

Visit our vegetable plants for more great vegetables to grow.

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