Tomato Yields Increased By...

11 June 2012 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Bio-Gro Plant Health InvigoratorI just had some news from our Spanish partner’s tomato trial with Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator – Ok, so it might be warmer and drier in Spain and of course they are already cropping, but if you want to ensure that extra yield and plant health, splash a bit on.  It’s best used as a foliar feed, but will work very effectively added to your watering can when feeding with a standard liquid tomato feed, such as Nutri Feed.   An application, say every 2 weeks, will do the trick.

Around the vegetable garden, a National Veg Champion friend, Gareth Cameron, would say that adding a splash Plant Health Invigorator to Bio-Gro Black Gold concentrated seaweed fertiliser produces equally amazing results.

 Martin Harvey


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