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05 January 2016 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

Tomato Montello F1 - Exhibit at the Malvern Autumn Show 2016 and you could win £250

Tomato Montello F1Montello’s versatility knows no bounds- both in the garden and in the kitchen! Grow in borders, containers, baskets or grow-bags indoors or out. This bush variety attains a 90cm (3ft) spread and a 45cm (18in) height producing many trusses; you don’t even need to pinch out side-shoots.

Your crop of tomatoes are delicious enough to eat straight from the plant or in salads; they also reduce well when added to the pan, making excellent rich Bolognese sauces and soups.

Exhibiting your crops of tomato Montello F1 and win up to £250

We have teamed up with the National Vegetable Society for your chance to show off your prized crops of Tomato Montello F1 and win cash prizes from a £500 prize fund at Malvern Autumn Show on 24 and 25 September 2016.

First prize  £250

Second       £100

Third           £75

Fourth        £50 

Fifth           £25 

Here’s how to enter!

  1. Become a member of the National Vegetable Society. You can enjoy all the benefits of becoming an NVS member for an annual fee of just £17 and get FREE entry into the Malvern Autumn Show.
  2. Select 15 of your best Montello tomatoes for exhibiting.
  3. Fill in an entry form (We will let you know as soon as these are available later in the year. Please watch this space, as well as our Facebook and Twitter page (@MarshallsSeeds))

Join the National Vegetable Society here

If you have any further queries please contact David Allison by email on or alternatively leave a message on the National Vegetable Society website.

Sowing times and method

Tomato Montello sowingPLEASE NOTE We recommend sowing Montello F1 from 23 April in the north, to 7 May further south to give a good yield of fruit for 16 September, just in time for the Malvern Autumn Show the following week.

For a general guide for a successful crop:

Sow indoors: February-May

Harvest: July-September

  1. Fill a 9cm (3 ½ in) pot or module tray with seed compost – which is light and contains a small but balance level of nutrients in the soil. Strike excess soil off with a board and lightly firm with the base of another pot or tray.
  2. Submerge the seed tray into a waterbath beneath so that the soil slowly absorbs the moisture from the bottom without disturbing the soil on top.
  3. Place 1 seed per pot or module cell and lightly cover with 1cm (1/2 in) of vermiculite or sieved compost
  4. Label and date the seeds.
  5. Cover the pots or tray with cling film or propagator lid and place in constant warmth of 18-21°C (65- 70oF).
  6. Check the seeds twice daily as soon as the seeds have started to geminate and you can see small leaves remove the cling film and grow on in a light environment at a constant 18oC (60°F). Water when soil surface feels dry to touch.

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