Time to Plant Strawberries

11 April 2012 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

I was lucky enough to take home a sample pack of our special offer Strawberry Elsanta plants at the weekend. I have to say, they look pretty good!

Strawberry Elsanta Plants

I only have a small garden so I've had to plant five of the plants in shade. Elsanta are known to be heavy cropping a quite tolerant to less favourable conditions so I'm sure I'll still get a harvest from them, just maybe not as many as the five plants that have got the sunny area!

I know I'm going to have problems with blackbirds eating my strawberries so I may invest in some bird netting to put over my plants during the cropping season. I also think it's good to give the birds an alternative to nibble on so they don't feel to hard done by. Blackbirds are quite partial to apples and only eat from the ground. I always have a slightly past-its-best apple in my fruit bowl so I will cut it in half and leave it on the grass for them.

April's a great time for planting - true to form we've had at least one April shower every day since I planted my Strawberries so I'm confident that they'll grow some good healthy roots, lush leaves and eventually, lots of tasty strawberries!

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