Three simple ways to replenish your soil the natural way

03 September 2018 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

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Now that the main growing season is coming to a close you can revitalise the soil so perfect in texture and so balanced in nutrients that your crops will thrive to give you the biggest and best harvests.

Healthy soil requires 5% of its content to be that of organic matter, naturally occurring plant and animal material. Alas the soil of many gardens is closer to 2% on account of soil erosion. A lack of soil erosion means there are fewer earthworms too which are instrumental to cultivating your soil and sub-soil naturally for the best root environment.

So it pays to make up for that deficit, which you can achieve by adding reliable and safe growing media.

Here are our three top tips to getting a soil worth its weight in gold – ideal in texture and colour and so good it even smells wholesome and healthy.


Create a perfect texture- adding organic matter

Your soil requires air-pockets and pores at just the right size to get oxygen to the roots and just the right amount of moisture. Too few or small pores encourages waterlogging and too many or large pores drain water away too quickly.

Incorporate Organic Farm Manure into your soil to achieve the correct level of pores and air-pockets. Organic Farm Manure also encourages earthworms to cultivate the soil. We recommend you add 50 litres to a two to three square metre (square yards) area.



Get your macros in- adding minerals

A sprinkle of Volcanic Rockdust incorporates the main minerals (by quantity) into your soil. High in phosphorous and potassium as well as a balance of other supporting nutrients this natural resource is both organic and effective for your in-coming fruit and vegetable plants.

We recommend you mix Volcanic Rockdust into your soil at a rate of 1 kg to two square metres (square yards).




Supplementary support- adding nutrients

A concentrated dose of Organic Extra offers nutrients that are low in quantity yet essential for healthy plant growth and an on-going healthy soil. Micro-nutrients such as iron, selenium and zinc are utilised by plants to steel their immune system, improve absorption of soil water and encourage optimum photosynthesis. Scatter a handful over a two square metre (square yard) area and rake in.


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