The Sweetest Sweetcorn you ever tasted!

08 May 2013 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

Sweetcorn plants

The Sweetest Sweetcorn You Ever Tasted!

Did you know that the minute sweetcorn is picked it immediately begins to lose its sweetness as the sugars begin to turn to starch? I guarantee that if you grow your own and harvest the cobs just as you need them you will definitely notice the difference from bought cobs.

Sow sweetcorn indoors now and by late summer you'll have plenty of fresh, succulent and tasty cobs. It prefers a sunny, sheltered spot with well-drained soil. Although it used to be considered a tricky crop to grow in the UK, in recent years many more varieties have been bred to thrive, even in our difficult climate.

Plants are wind pollinated so sweetcorn is traditionally planted in blocks rather than rows. Male flowers are upright and feathery and held at the top of the plants enabling them to catch the wind which releases pollen which drifts onto the long tassels of the female flowers lower down the stems.

Keeping plants well watered is especially important when kernels are forming to make sure you get the plumpest juiciest cobs once mature.

If you don't have space to sow indoors then Young Sweetcorn Plants could be a great solution, they arrive ready to plant straight out into your garden at the end of May. You can intercrop sweetcorn with quick growing crops such as lettuce and salad leaves, radish and beetroot giving you extra crops for the same amount of growing space!

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