Super Sweet, Super Tender Broccoli Produces Target Kids

07 September 2012 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

OK, so Tesco reckons that adding its Supersweet broccoli to its Finest range will perhaps win round srpout averse children.  That could be true – few parents  have any difficulty with their children eating calabrese.  But what about the sheer cost: Tesco’s addition of Supersweet is in response to the tightly controlled supply of the leading variety, Tenderstem. Whilst such products really do provide a premium brand experience for consumers, at £1.50 for just 12 ounces, they come at a real premium price too.

This summer I’ve been harvesting around a kilo a week of Brokali Apollo and last year grew Kaibroc. Frankly if you grow just a few plants, with a follow-on planting you can be cropping tender-stem broccoli for five months of the year from July to October.  So, my £2.95 investment in seeds seems at supermarket prices to have provided me, well Mrs Harvey, with a saving of £70 this year!

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