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11 November 2011 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

What a surprise a second crop of raspberries and strawberries, I am as baffled as nature with the present weather. Late October and temperatures of 17c and still very dry. Pansies and violas waiting to go into containers, geraniums and begonias still flowering profusely. Cape gooseberries have managed to ripen much to my surprise, but cauliflowers have bolted and squashes have not reached their size.

At this time of the year autumn planting is well on the way. Onions shallots and garlic are planted and the broad beans won’t be long behind. I prefer to start them off in the greenhouse. Didn’t get a chance to clear the borage, so next year I think there will be masses of plants again.

The birds have been having great fun pecking the apples. The Braeburn is only 3 years old and had 10 apples. I was waiting till November before picking but as every one has a hole in it I am having to pick now. Many of the late cropping varieties like that first touch of frost to sweeten.

This weekend will be my first attempt at crab apple jelly. The tree has produced a bumper crop of lovely large plump apples. So here goes. Tomato chutney is made and in the larder. I think it’s too sweet but practice makes perfect.

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