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30 July 2011 | Posted in Gardening by The Marshalls Family

This is the best time of year to appreciate ones hard work.

We are trying to keep up with fruit and veg that’s ripening faster than we can harvest.

It has been a win some loose some situation. Our resident Black Bird beat us to the white currants, but we managed to harvest the red and black currants. French bean, Mangetout and Asparagus Peas are cropping well. I pick the peas at just over an inch and lightly steam them.

The cherry tree managed to get covered in time to beat the birds.

Raspberries 90 percent for us and 10 percent for the birds.

Spinach Ottawa bolted, and salad rocket got flea beetle

Lettuce Bijou and Rekord are marvelous.

The bees have done us proud this season there does not seem to be any plant that they have not visited.

Chatting to a customer yesterday made me realize just how much more I could get out of the garden if only I tried. He pickles his shallots and beetroot and salts his beans in those lovely old sweet jars that used to be around. I tried pickling onions years ago and never really got to grips with it. Must try harder.

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