RHS Malvern Spring Festival 2015

08 May 2015 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

Visit the show and pick up some great ideas for your veg plot. Here's a top 5 of ideas we took home with us.

1) A collection of herbs

Malvern Marshall containerGrow a range of herbs in containers including sun-loving herbs like thyme and shade tolerant herbs like mint. You can be harvesting them throughout the year to enhance seasonal dishes, and it saves you money on buying them from supermarkets.




2) Add colour to the veg plot.

Marshalls Malvern chardThe great thing about allotments is that they're both practical and attractive, with all the different crops that have varying textures. Why not add a bit of colour too to your veg plot and grow chard? The bright red and yellow stems are almost dazzling set against the green of stems and leaves.




3) Introduce ornamental flowers

Marshalls Malvern marigoldsAdding bedding like marigolds can brighten up the allotment too. And it's not the only benefit. Marigolds for instance attract insects on the wing to pollinate flowers. So while they're pollinating ornamentals, they'll be pollinating tomato and aubergine flowers nearby too.



4) Create habitats for wildlife

Marshalls Malvern wild areaYou can encourage really beneficial wildlife like slug-eating frogs and toads to stick around the garden by providing friendly habitats. Designating even a small 'wild' area will bring in insects and garden-friendly mammals like hedgehogs.




5) Add a nearby pond

Malvern Marshalls pondPonds are a great way of getting wildlife in the garden. Once you have frogs and toads visiting the garden you have natural slug eliminators. With a clear and well-kept pond, these amphibians will stick around and breed for continued generations of slug-eaters. 





There's many more ideas you can pick up at the show, and information you can access from talks and demonstrations. Got a burning question you want answering? Just ask the helpful nurseries that are exhibiting at the show and RHS staff at the RHS Gardening Advice Desk.

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