Raspberry 'Black Jewel'

14 January 2016 | Posted in Food by The Marshalls Family

Raspberry 'Black Jewel' – a great tasty superfood in the form of a unique black raspberry

blackjewelheroRaspberry 'Black Jewel' is set to be a hit – with so many health benefits it’s a must for any home-grower wanting to harvest vitamin-rich berries from June. As juicy as blackberries but with the perfumed flavour of raspberries, the fruits are lovely to eat fresh from the plant or added to smoothies rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

How to grow

Floricane type: fruits on one-year-old stems

Fruit for harvesting: June-July

Feeding Raspberries

Incorporate a thick layer of bulky compost to the soil, a month prior to planting. Just before planting add a sprinkling of general purpose fertiliser over the soil surface.

In early spring, apply a thick layer of mulch to the soil surface. This will keep moisture locked up in the soil and provide some nutrients to the canes.

Watering Raspberries

Raspberries are particularly thirsty plants and watering in mornings and evenings is advisable daily during dry periods.

Mulch helps with keeping moisture in the soil for active roots.


blackjewelpruningCut down cane to about 2cm (1in) above ground level in the first spring. This will encourage multiple canes to grow from the ground.

Tie in canes as they grow in the first summer. You may not get harvests in the first summer while the plants establish. In fact, if you notice flowers in the first summer, remove them to encourage vigorous plant growth for future harvests.

In the following summer harvest the fruits, and prune the fruiting stems after harvests to the ground level. There should be some strong leafy (non-fruiting) stems that have emerged from the ground. Tie these onto the supports, as these stems will flower and fruit the following summer.


Easy-blend smoothies

Here we have some suggestions for great-tasting smoothies, perfect for getting high-nutrient and high-anti oxidant ingredients in you in no time. Just blitz all the ingredients together.

Black Jewel and honey smoothie

175g (6oz) raspberry Black Jewel

100ml (3 1/2 fl. oz) milk (skimmed milk, if calorie counting)

200ml (7 fl. oz) natural yoghurt

1 tbsp. honey


Black Jewel high energy smoothie

175g (6oz) raspberry Black Jewel

1 chopped banana (ripe for energy-hit, less ripe for slow but long-last energy)

225ml yoghurt (8 fl. oz)

450ml milk (16 fl. oz)

1-2 tbsp. sugar (depending on sweet tooth) 


Black Jewel super-hit smoothie

100g (3 1/2oz) raspberry Black Jewel

300ml (10 fl oz) pomegranate juice  

1 chopped banana

125ml Greek yoghurt (4 fl.oz)


Curious-colour fruits to impress visitors

'Black Jewel' is a lovely variety and eyebrow-raising as well. Here are some more varieties of soft fruit that produce berries that are not at first as you would expect.

blackjewelsnowwhiteStrawberry 'Snow White' - white fruits with vivid red seeds, and a certain pineapple flavour.




blackjewelpaxGoosberry 'Pax' - red gooseberry variety on bushes with grower-friendly spine-free canes.




blackjewelpinklemonadeBlueberry 'Pink Lemonade' - self-fertile 'pinkberry' variety needing no neighbouring bush to form fruits. 





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